Bass Festivals in Canada

Astral Harvest

July 4 - 7

Driftpile, Alberta
Astral Harvest is a family friendly festival that has a stacked lineup for the mind, body, and soul. There is an assortment of live and electronic music, performances, workshops, yoga, and more! 

Bass Coast

July 12 - 15

Merritt, British Columbia

Surrounded by nature, 4 stages are placed among the grounds, each offering their own unique audio-visual experience, focused predominantly on original compositions and live performance in an inclusive environment.


May 17 - 20

Porcupine Plain, Saskatchewan

In the announcement of spring's arrival during the May long weekend, Bass In The Bush curates a lineup complete with 18-hours of live music per day in addition to performances, activities, and vendors.


Bring Your Love Festival of Arts

June 21 - 24

Inwood, Manitoba

Bring Your love festival offers a collection of electronic music in a variety of different genres. This festival evolves and changes from year to year with the focal point heavily centered around community, collaboration, and connection. 


June 28 - 30

Edmonton, Alberta

Set to take place during Canada Day long weekend at the Edmonton Expo Center, Bomfest brings out two outdoor stages and one indoor stage with a jam-packed lineup of artists from near and far. 


July 26 - 28

Yellowhead County, Alberta

Borealis is a "boutique festival" with 60+ local and international artists featured on stages powered by PK Sound. In addition to the music, visitors can find visual art, yoga, meditation, and workshops in this immersive and creative atmosphere.

Chasing Summer

August 3 & 4

Calgary, Alberta

Taking place at the Max Bell Centre Festival Grounds in downtown Calgary, Chasing Summer brings about a large lineup of mainstream artists and talented performers over the course of two days. 



June 28 - July 1 

Snug Lake Amphitheatre, British Columbia

A very curious festival indeed. This annual family-friendly event is a spark to the imagination while reconnecting with nature. There are workshops, art installations, theme camps and a ton of great music all weekend long! 


June 29 & 30

Toronto, Ontario

On the shores of Lake Ontario, this inner-city luxury music festival brings together a two-day lineup from noon to 11:00 pm each night. This 3 stage event celebrates the diversity that Toronto's music and arts community have to offer. 


Electric Love Festival

July 27 

Vancouver, British Columbia

Electric Love is a heartfelt union between 5 different production crews to create an amazing experience. This single night is jam-packed with picturesque views and a carefully selected lineup of local and world-renowned talent. 

Electric Sky Festival

August 2 - 4

Big River, Saskatchewan

Electric Sky is situated in the vast and beautiful boreal forests of Big River. This inclusive festival contains workshops, music, art, performances and a whole lot of good vibes! 

June 22 - 23

Ottawa, Ontario

The Bud Light Escapade Music Festival is stacked with some huge headlining performers. In addition to the music experience, the festival is fully licensed to serve alcohol throughout the weekend along with available VIP ticket options. 

Ever After Music Festival

June 7 - 9 

Kitchener, Ontario

This festival is insanely stacked with good vibes -- everything from carnival rides and water slides to a divinely curated lineup of local and international artists, supplied with the highest quality music tech provided by the industry leader, PK Sound. 


July 19 - 21

Moncton, New Brunswick

This is a multi-genre festival that focuses on creating a celebration of music, culture, and social gathering. There is a great lineup of workshops available that discuss various aspects of personal well-being, environmental awareness, and social progressiveness. 


Forest Awakening

July 5 - 7

Sparwood, British Columbia

Welcoming local talent from around western Canada and powered by PK Sound, this hidden gem takes place deep in the woods in a magical and unique location. This non-profit event is 19+ with camping permitted. 



Future Forest

 July 26 - 29

Sheffield, New Brunswick

Located on a 200-acre wilderness preserve at the river's edge, the stages are immersed with natural surroundings. The festival showcases over 140 musicians, local and international, performances, and visual artists. Food vendors are also available on site. 


August 9 & 10

Montreal, Quebec

Settled in the heart of Montreal at Parc Jean-Drapeau, this space transforms into an oasis in the midst of the city and includes huge headlining acts from the biggest electronic artists around the world.

August 16 - 19

Fort Macleod, Alberta

Inshala is a multi-generational, co-created festival with a passion for community. There is a wide variety of music, conferences, workshops, and art exploration. In addition, attendees can even find a kid zone, to ensure there are activities for all ages.



August 16 - 19

Winnipeg, Manitoba

MEME is otherwise known as the Manitoba Electronic Music Exhibition of Technology, innovation, and creativity. This festival aims to promote the exploration of new sounds and sights in celebration of the digital world we live in. 


Mountain Valley

July 19 - 21

Crescent Spur, British Columbia

This is a brand new music festival launching this year for the first time! Taking place in the heart of B.C., this is a 19+ event featuring 2 stages and 70, 000 watts of PK Sound, paired with a lineup of amazing local artists. 



August 20 - 25

Montreal, Quebec

This festival contains over 300 panelists, artists, and musicians involved with creating an immersive and unique learning experience that truly pushes the boundaries of the digital age. There are workshops, activities, and presentations in addition to amazing entertainment. 


Mystic Forest Festival

July 26 - 28

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

This is a locally grown festival created for community connection, camping, and the expression of artistic passion. Mystic Forest provides an eclectic platform for the celebration of music and art. 


Odyssey Gathering

May 31 - June 2

Edmonton, Alberta

This year Odyssey Gathering takes place in an exciting and diverse series at various locations throughout the city. Carefully curated with a fine selection of headliners, this is a great event that encourages inclusivity and even facilitates an all ages element in the series. 


Reign Bough Fiddle

June 28 - July 1

Redfield Crossing, Alberta

This high-spirited outdoor festival is unique, inclusive, and full of imagination. There are 4 stages of live and electronic music, local art, engaging workshops and magical quests which correlate with a different theme each year. Plus it's all ages and pet-friendly! 


Rise & Shine

May 31 - June 2

Pemberton, British Columbia

The Rise & Shine FamJam Fundraiser is a festival with a cause, turning over 100% of profits to the Rise & Shine: Captain Camps, which empowers athletes to pursue their passions. Music and Art are used as a medium to encourage attendees to party with a purpose.  


River Womp

July 26 - July 28

Evansburg, Alberta

This is an exciting event with tons of games, music, camping, vendors, yoga, a 200ft slip and slide, and a river to float down! Be prepared for a weekend of fun in the sun with an awesome community vibe. 


Shambhala Music Festival

August 9 - 12

Salmo, British Columbia

This magical forest festival features 6 stages perfectly woven alongside a beautiful river on a ranch in British Columbia. The possibilities are endless for what can be found -- incredible artists, musicians, theme camps, visuals, and many more surprises along the way! 



April 5 - 7

Kamloops, British Columbia

Snowbombing is a unique festival featuring 30+ artists spread across 7 different venues in the evening. Meanwhile, during the day there is an opportunity to indulge in the gorgeous mountain view while hitting up the slopes.


Summer Of Sound

August 18

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Summer of Sound is featured as Winnipeg's largest electronic music event. Taking place over a single day, this festival includes a handful of selected DJs and producers from Europe and North America. This is an all-ages event, but must be 18+ to drink in designated areas.


Valhalla Sound Circus

July 18 - 22

Kazabazua, Quebec

Tucked away in a magical forest lay Valhalla, a creative and enchanting fortress of sound, exploration, creativity, and community. Their multiple stages include a stacked lineup of artists from around the world, plus a chill sanctuary down by the beach. 


Vibrant Music Festival

May 31 - June 2

Fairmont Hot Springs, British Columbia

Vibrant Music Festival aims to provide an intimate and community-oriented vibe. This event is a huge supporter of local talent, showcasing it all on a single stage in the great outdoors, surrounded by scenic, natural beauty. 



June 21 - June 23

Water Valley, Alberta 

Facilitated at the Deer Creek Campground, this community-oriented festival gathers in nature to celebrate the rebirth of Waynefest. Explore the love of electronic music and hip hop in an intimate environment capped off at 150 attendees. 

Wicked Woods

September 12 - 16 

Fairmont Hot Springs, British Columbia

Wrapping up the festival season with this 4-day event, Wicked Woods provides offerings of a glorious 12-year anniversary celebration of electronic and live music in the woods, facilitating a safe and fun space for community to play. 


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